National Grand Masters Annual Address

January 1, 2021

To the Brothers & Sisters beholding to the National Compact, we, the Officers (Elected & Appointed) of the Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge, Free & Accepted Ancient YorkRite Masons – Prince Hall Origin National Compact bid each of you a Peaceful, Prosperous, Healthy & Onward New Year!

The year 2020 is behind us, and we may very well be in what others are calling the “new normal.” Let us collectively recognize that we have to change the way we work, as all of our lives have changed substantially over the last 9 months. We still have purpose in the lives of humanity so do not feel dismayed.

Let us continue to offer an ear to those who make a call…

Let us stop to lift each other, so that not one of us shall fall…

Let us recognize that God is still worthy of Praise…

Let us be prayerful that His mercy sees fit for this to have only been a phase…

Brothers & Sisters, I deliberately did not wish for a ‘Happy’ New Year, as happiness is an emotion that comes and goes. I pray that we all have Peace because Peace is the state of mind that we hold on to in the midst of anger, sadness as well as happiness. Let us desire Peace from the Merciful and all will be alright.

May His sweet communion rest, rule and abide with each of us during the year 2021, and for the rest of our years of Service to mankind.

Fraternally I AM,

Hon. Cedric Lewis, 33°

M:.W:. National Grand Master

Most Worshipful National Grand Lodge


Prince Hall Origin – National Compact