National Department Heads


Companion David Wright

National Royal Arch Chapter

National High Priest

P.O. Box 633   Bath, SC 29816
(803) 645-7064

Sir Knight Tony L. Preston

National Commandery of Knights Templar

National Eminent Commander

2749 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.

Roanoke, VA 24017

Sublime Prince William H. Watt

National Consistory

National Commander-in-Chief

2403 MeadowBridge Road

Richmond, VA 23222

(804) 321-2791

Ill. Maurice Thomas

Imperial Council of Shriners

Imperial Potentate

627 Celeste Ave.
North Augusta, SC 29841

(803) 599-9155

 Honorable Felton N. Ferguson

National Council of Deliberation

National Sovereign Grand Commander

(302) 530-1606

Sister Vonderia Yeldell

York Rite Bulletin Editor

9580 Eastpointe Circle
Birmingham, AL 35217

(205) 253-3683

Sister Evelyn Ross

National Order of the Eastern Star

National Grand Worthy Matron

3824 Gadson Drive
Macon, GA 32204

Heroine Ellie Mackie

National Heroines of Jericho

National Most Ancient Matron

1970 Bunting Drive
North Augusta, SC 29841


Princess Ruth Waters

National Council of Crusaders

National Illustrious Priestess

2641 N. Moreland Blvd. #16
Cleveland, Oh. 44120

Honored Lady Rosa Brown

National Court of Amaranth

National Royal Matron

110 Sarah Ct.

Reevesville, SC 29471

Daughter Luvenia Williams

National DOI 

Supreme Commandress

P.O. Box 185 Branchville, SC 29432

(803) 274-4258

Comrade Clyde Bouknight
National Youth Liaison
National Youth Division 1 & 2

Comrade Dominique Landers

National Youth Division 1 

National Youth Matron

708 Martin Luther King St.

Thompson, GA 30824

Comrade Amber Burgess-Greene

National Youth Division 2

National Youth Matron

335 Park Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238